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juni 2021

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Lyssna på Judiska närradion på fredag 7/11 kl 11

Då kan du bland annat höra undertecknad Eriksson lägga ut texten om demokrati, frihet, om Israels rätt att existera och om varför terror är dåligt!

Klicka bara här, så får du se hur du kan lyssna antingen via vanlig radio (i Göteborg) eller via internet (i hela världen).


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2 comments to Lyssna på Judiska närradion på fredag 7/11 kl 11

  • Baruch Spiro

    Dear Mr Eriksson
    Your choice to publicly voice your opinion about ”right” and ”wrong” at a personal cost distinguishes you from others. Your precious right to do so in your home country is recognized – at last, which distinguishes between some societies and others. The help given by your country to persecuted people is not forgotten may it continue. Best wishes for life in peace.

  • samuel Avyatar

    Dear Mr. Eriksson

    Reading about what happened to you, I wish to encourage you and shake your hand for being honest and courageous. It is with a special grief and sorrow that I follow your policies concerning our country and society and when we see and read someone who is not in the strange ”official” line of Sweden it worms the heart. I have been many times to Sweden and always wondered what coused it. It is a lovely country that ruins itself systematically and I belong to those who lament it.
    Hope you will find in my words some comfort for your struggle.
    With great respect
    Jerusalem Israel

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