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oktober 2021

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The National Migration Board fired me for claiming Israel has a right to exist

This is the english title of an article by me that was recently published on swedish news-site Newsmill. It has now been translated into English and published on the internet-site of Svensk Israel-information. It can be accessed here. The article also appears on this site.

It should be noted that the original article includes links […]

Durban II: Final document already adopted

Already yesterday, on the second day of five, was the very controversial and scaled down final document (pdf) from the Durban II Conference adopted by the Conference. I am not going to analyze the content, but only note that the wording referring to the Durban I-failure, that made the U.S. and Israel not to attend […]


The Authority lost its case in the court trial. An unanimous court ruled that my so-called ”transfer”/demotion should be considered as a notice to quit and that it is invalid.

The complete verdict can be downloaded as a PDF-file from here (swedish language).

Many thanks to all who have supported me! But the issue at […]

”Never take counsel of your fears” – english version

Swedish Minister for migration Tobias Billström has now given an answer to the question posed by Member of Parliament Annelie Enochson. The answer (in swedish) can be read here.

But what is he writing! He writes that the question is made due to ”an alleged statement by an employee in the Authority”. (My emphasis.)

Had […]

Welcome to Mölndal County Court!

My Swedish government employer has, as you probably know, considered that my support for democracy and freedom and for Israel’s right to exist, and my stand against terror is a decisive reason to remove me from my previous employment, and transfer me to a lower post. I have therefore sued my government employer to Mölndal […]