Swedish Minister for migration Tobias Billström has now given an answer to the question posed by Member of Parliament Annelie Enochson. The answer (in swedish) can be read here.

But what is he writing! He writes that the question is made due to ”an alleged statement by an employee in the Authority”. (My emphasis.)

Had Billström, or someone in his staff, only made the effort of contacting any or all of those three judges in Mölndal County Court that heard the statement, he would have realised that the statement not only is alleged, he would have had it confirmed. – Given of course that Member of Government Billström does not mistrust those judges appointed by his own or some earlier Goverment. I really do not hope so, but one obviously can not be sure!

Billström further writes that he who made the ”statement” was an ”employee” at the Authority. That is true, but the was much more than that: he was a formal representative of the Authority by power of attorney to present its case in court!

And it was in this very capacity that he stated that Yassin, the former leader of terrorist organisation Hamas was ”a palestinian freedom fighter”, a statement that the abovementioned judges can confirm.

Billströms conclusion is, in spite of this, that he does not have any ”information indicating that the Authority is conducting an activity that is contrary to government policy”! But in my humble opinion the information point strongly to the contrary.

Billström also contend that ”if in a govermental agency there should occur a question of importance for relations to an other state or international organization, the Foreign Minister must be informed.” But that was exactly what Annelie Enochson did! But the Foreign Minister did not want to answer – maybe more out of lack of courage than of willingness?

And one should not expect that the Authority itself would, as Billström seems to presume, inform the Foreign Minister that the Authority consider Yassin to be a palestinian freedom fighter, in particular if the Government does not agree – which I sincerely do not hope – but one obviously can not be sure!

This, Bildt and Billström, is not good enough. Bildt does not dare answer and the answer from the Migration Minister is nonsense.

As a suggestion to both of you a ”statement” by General Patton might be appropriate: ”Never take counsel of your fears”. To take a position in favor of democracy and freedom, against terror, is the duty of any democratic goverment, no matter how afraid you might be.

Come on guys, after all I have voted for you!


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