My Swedish government employer has, as you probably know, considered that my support for democracy and freedom and for Israel’s right to exist, and my stand against terror is a decisive reason to remove me from my previous employment, and transfer me to a lower post. I have therefore sued my government employer to Mölndal County Court.

My support for Israel’s right to exist, for democracy and freedom, and my stand against terror is in my view in accordance with positions taken by the Swedish government. The government of Sweden stand for freedom and democracy. Israel has, according to the Swedish government, a right to exist, and the Swedish government has taken a position against terror in many respects, such as defining Hamas as a terror-organization.

Why then, am I not allowed to remain in my employment as a Swedish civil servant when my position is identical with the position expressed by the Swedish government? Since my employer hitherto has decided that I do not have that right, then the conclusion seemingly must be that my employer, a Swedish governmental agency, does not share the view of the Swedish government with respect to the right of Israel to exist and with respect to democracy, freedom and terror.

But can a Swedish governmental agency have a policy and a foreign policy of its own? I don’t think so.

This question will be put on trial from a labor-law-perspective in Mölndal County Court. Main proceedings will take place on Friday, October 10, 2008 at 9 am CEST and on Monday, October 13, 2008 at 9 am. Everyone in invited to attend! Address: Södra vägen 25, Göteborg (Gothenburg), Sweden.

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