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Are the Swedish Pension Fund’s ethics governed by anti-Israel policy?

By Sapere Aude! - Last updated: torsdag, april 8, 2010

A while ago the Swedish Pension Fund’s Ethical Council announced that it would divest itself of all shares in the Israeli company, Elbit Systems, since the company has supplied monitoring systems for the protective barrier that protects Israeli civilians from terror attacks emanating from the West Bank. Israel is currently constructing this barrier and some […]

Israeli Foreign Ministry: We want Sweden to distance itself from the contents of the Aftonbladet article

By Sapere Aude! - Last updated: måndag, augusti 31, 2009

According to Haaretz, a representative of the Israeli Foreign Ministry says the following: We did not ask for an apology, or for measures against the newspaper or the journalist, — All we asked of Sweden and the Swedes is that they reject and decry the content of the report. And our position has not changed. […]

Aftonbladet’s ongoing incitement against Israel

By Sapere Aude! - Last updated: lördag, augusti 29, 2009

On Aug. 27 an editorial written by Aftonbladet’s political editor-in-chief Helle Klein was published. Here comes the translation: Do not compromise on settlements 27 August 2009. Since winter’s Gaza War, relations between Israel and the international community have been strained. The EU froze negotiations on an upgrade of the trade agreement with Israel. Human rights […]

The Swedish Crown Princess and anti-zionism

By Sapere Aude! - Last updated: måndag, juni 1, 2009

Tomorrow, on Tuesday, June 2, Swedish Crown Princess Victoria will present the Alma Award in memory of Astrid Lindgren to the Palestine Tamer Institute. Something that will inevitably darken this event is that the pronounced anti-zionist Ulla Lundqvist has been one of the members of the jury which decided on the winner. Among other things, […]