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september 2021

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The Swedish Crown Princess and anti-zionism

Tomorrow, on Tuesday, June 2, Swedish Crown Princess Victoria will present the Alma Award in memory of Astrid Lindgren to the Palestine Tamer Institute.

Something that will inevitably darken this event is that the pronounced anti-zionist Ulla Lundqvist has been one of the members of the jury which decided on the winner. Among other things, she says that Israel is an oppressive state and that the establishment of Israel was a mistake which made the whole area become a purulent abscess. Read here (in swedish).

The Crown Princess presenting this award constitutes a risk that the world might believe that the Kingdom of Sweden sanction and legitimize statements of this kind and even that it is part of Sweden’s foreign policy. But it surely is not, is it? Then why take the risk?

This is what Ulla Lundqvist thinks:

Palestine is the country which since over 40 years is occupied and cruelly tortured by the oppressor state Israel in unholy alliance with the USA whose powerful Jewish lobby is preventing an ending of this rape. FOR THE REST OF WORLD TO REMAIN ALMOST SILENT ON THIS IS A DISGRACE BECAUSE OUR TIME AND FUTURE GENERATIONS – IF HUMANITY BECOMES MORE HUMAN – shall look upon it with the same shudder as we now regard the Nazi crimes against 11 million people. The establishment of the State of Israel was one of history’s greatest mistakes, but now the State is there and the whole area is a purulent abscess constantly cracking.

That Israelis – only a small minority of them – have ancestors who were brutally exterminated does not legitimize their action against the innocent people who was expropriated in 1948 and is suffering since then. I have worked in Palestine for five years and seen things that people do not believe has happened when told. But feel free to pass these words to others who do not know what Palestine is.

Ulla Lundqvist
PhD, author and critic

(Link to Swedish Royal Court calendar.)


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