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oktober 2021

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Jerusalem – Divided by a common EU language

George Bernard Shaw once said about the relationship between the U.S. and Britain that those two countries were ”divided by a common language”. It sounds good but the logic is difficult to understand.

Swedish Foreign Minister Carl Bildt says on his blog (in Swedish), talking of the recent European Union statement on the status of Jerusalem, that:

As a union we showed, not least on the issues – particularly on Jerusalem – which in some quarters was the subject of questioning, strength and cohesion.

Those who thought we could split were simply wrong.

And of course, it’s not Europe that is to be split, but rather to be more unified. It is Jerusalem only that, according to the EU’s latest statement should be split, to be ”divided by a common” European Union ”language”.

All other cities and countries, such as Berlin, Nicosia and the EU itself are to be unified. Only Jerusalem and the East and West Palestine (ie, Jordan and the ”West Bank”) shall be divided and remain so.

The logic in this is also difficult to understand.

Links: Ekot (Swedish), JPost.


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