The Interparliamentary Union (IPU) this week had a meeting in Ethiopia. Arutz7 reports that the Israeli delegation left the conference, since two Hamas members participated in the ”Palestinian” delegation.

Israel tried to persuade the Swedish chairman of the conference, IPUs Secretary General Anders Johnsson, to ensure that the Hamas-delegates would leave the conference, but he refused, whereupon the israelis left instead.

This press release from the Swedish Parliament, ”Riksdagen”, shows, which Swedish parliamentarians that participated.

These MPs have apparently not found it offensive that the Hamas terrorists took part in the conference. And according to Arutz7, the Israeli Knesset speaker demanded that the U.S. would withdraw its delegation. But that does not seem to have occurred.

It appear that no other state than Israel, the state that the islamo-nazi terrorist organization Hamas wants to wipe out by war of aggression, found it objectionable that Hamas participated.

But it is certainly offensive for terrorists to be able to participate in conferences with representatives of democratic and free states under the guise of IPU. This is in particular the case since the main theme of the conference was ”peace, democracy and development in times of crisis”, something that Hamas really does not stand for.

IPU claims to ”work for peace and cooperation among peoples and for the firm establishment of representative democracy.”

If Hamas seeks the exact opposite, as it does, namely, war and enmity between peoples (ie, Muslims and Jews) and not the establishment of democracy, but of the Shari’a, then for what purpose does Hamas participate in an IPU conference. Their aim is clear directly contrary to that of IPU.

Hamas has no legitimacy. Swedish MPs should not regard Hamas representatives as their peers and participate in the same conference as terrorists. It gives Hamas legitimacy that they do not deserve. Alternatively and more likely, it contributes to the Swedish Parliament losing its legitimacy and credibility as a democratic institution, seeking to promote ”peace and cooperation between peoples.”


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