We read in the press that three Swedes have been refused entry into Israel. In Swedish national radio it is said that the members of the group have jewish and Palestinian background and that

the group would visit Israel and Palestine to see how life is going on during the conflict there.

The background is that in Sweden they use to visit schools in order to tell about Israelis and Palestinians and about the possibility for peace. It is called the ”School project, let’s talk about peace”, and it is i.a. financed by the municipal Education Department in Stockholm.

The group’s coordinator is Jonatan Stanczak. One of them who, after all, was admitted entry into Israel is Tigran Feiler. He is the son of Dror Feiler, President of a sect called ”Jews for Israeli-Palestinian peace” (JIPF), which has a new and an old website. Feiler often interact with a member of the Swedish Communist Party, Henry Ascher, who is also a member of JIPF. You can read about their connection here (swedish). The Communist Party does not hesitate to resort to violence if necessary to destroy liberal democracy. You can read about that here (swedish). JIPF for its part has very much to say about the Israeli ”occupation” of Palestinian areas, but apparently cares not one iota about the fact that most Palestinian organizations aims to destroy the liberal democratic state of Israel altogether.

Jonatan Stanczak appears i.a. in a movement called ”Isolate Israel”, whose motto is ”Boycott, de-investment, sanctions”. Read more here (swedish), about their attack on H&M where it is shown (at the bottom) that he is a member of JIPF. He also writes in the latest issue of ”JIPF-bladet”, which can be downloaded from here (swedish).

The School project has a rather bland site compared with JIPF’s and Isolate Israel’s sharper appearance. But it is clear that there are strong personal alliances between JIPF, Isolate Israel and the School Project. Haaretz writes (see link above) that ”The group’s [ie. the School Project’s] activity was initiated by the Swedish ”Jews for Israeli-Palestinian Peace” group and the Palestinian Association in Stockholm.”

The School Project is funded by the municipal School Management in Stockholm, and according to this link and this (swedish), also by Olof Palme Memorial Fund. The Municipality and the Fund have, strangely enough, not seen any problems to finance a project that have originated in anti-Israeli, anti-democratic and communist extreme violent circles.

Stanczak, who as we have seen, want to isolate and boycott Israel, just as JIPF does, said to Swedish national radio that the group will not meet people who could be a threat to Israel:

– Absolutely not. Quite the opposite. Our meetings are all about to see people who seek a just peace and coexistence.

This statement seems however, in regard of the bigger picture, not to be very credible to say the least.

Swedish newspaper Sydöstran report (swedish), that the women who were rejected entry into Israel, were forbidden ”to enter their home country Israel”. Haaretz (see link above) however writes as follows: ”Two of the three women were born in Sweden to Palestinian parents. The third was born in Syria, but immigrated to Sweden at a young age and has never been in either the Occupied Palestinian Territories or in Israel before.” Thus, no one of them seem to be a citizen of Israel. None of them were born there. None of them have ever been citizens of Israel. None of them have ever resided there. Yet, Israel is their homeland? Another indication of the relative peace they seek. A peace in which Israel is their homeland, not the jewish homeland. Apparently a peace without Israel, a peace in which Israel has been wiped out.

Such is, therefore, seemingly, their ”peace project”.

Link: Swedish national radio ”Ekot”.

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  2. Thanks for the heads up! Very good to know who these peole are and what they represent! Down with the Swedish Israel- (and Jew-) haters! Well done Ben Gurion Airport!

    Gábor Fränkl
    Budapest, Hungary

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