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december 2022

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A call to end Swedish support to antisemitic education in UNRWA schools

2 juli, 2018 (16:47) | antisemitism, antisionism, araber, Folkmord, Försvar, Gaza, Hamas, In english, islam, Islamismen, islamonazism, Israel, judar, Muslimer, Palestina, Sverige | By: Lennart Eriksson

It is clear beyond any doubt that any decent man and woman must sign this petition. You too! Do that by proceeding to this link.

Just watch this film:

As you can see, the children are obviously pronouncing the most disgusting antisemitism! And who have taught them to do so? Well, we have some usual suspects, don’t we. The children most certainly did not come to think about such statements by themselves. Might the teachers maybe belong to UNRWA schools?

Those who have learnt them antisemitism have most probably unfortunately done so with benign support from the present antisemitic Swedish Government. This antisemitic Goverment is unfortunately, as we have seen (in the link above), ”fully confident that UNRWA and its staff can fulfill their important mandate, and see no reason to question the impartiality of UNRWA”. When the present deputy Prime Minister Isabella Lövin make a statement like this to the Swedish Parliament, it must be considered sincere, mustn’t it …

So, I don’t know. The present Swedish Government is either both blind and/or deaf and/or hit by some mental disorder. Or else really and only and simply antisemitic.

My opinon have been, is and will be, that the present Swedish Government is in fact an antisemitic Government. The present Swedish Minister for Foreign Affairs, Margot Wallström, is according to my opinion, not only an antisemite. She is also suffering from some mental shortcomings. Of which I have written (in Swedish) here.

Sad but most probably true …

Let us therefore do all we can to depose this, of all to judge, antisemitic and partly mentally disturbed gang, who unfortunately still is called the Swedish Government. Let us do so in the upcoming elections on September 9 this year.

Because we want no antisemites like these in our Swedish Government!

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