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Does Sweden love Israel?

”The world loves Israel.” That was my summary of what Haaretz journalist Gideon Levy claimed last spring, when an article by him in which he demanded that the Israeli ”war crimes” in Gaza would be investigated, was also published in the Swedish newspaper Dagens Nyheter (swedish). Levy is among other things known for his strong […]

The National Migration Board fired me for claiming Israel has a right to exist

This is the english title of an article by me that was recently published on swedish news-site Newsmill. It has now been translated into English and published on the internet-site of Svensk Israel-information. It can be accessed here. The article also appears on this site.

It should be noted that the original article includes links […]

The Swedish Crown Princess and anti-zionism

Tomorrow, on Tuesday, June 2, Swedish Crown Princess Victoria will present the Alma Award in memory of Astrid Lindgren to the Palestine Tamer Institute.

Something that will inevitably darken this event is that the pronounced anti-zionist Ulla Lundqvist has been one of the members of the jury which decided on the winner. Among other things, […]

Mahmoud Abbas: I don’t accept it!

Thus spoke Fatah leader and former ’Palestinian’ President Mahmoud Abbas, according to Haaretz, in response to a demand from Israel on the Palestinian Authority (PA) to recognize Israel as a jewish state. Read also JPost and Arutz7.

And Fatah on its part does not recognize Israel at all, let alone as a jewish state.

The […]

The U. S. and Hamas: Hilary Clinton defines the conditions again

Reuters reports that U.S. Secretary of State Hilary Clinton has reiterated the conditions for the U.S. to accept a government in ”Palestine” in which Hamas is included:

We will not deal with nor in any way fund a Palestinian government that includes Hamas unless and until Hamas has renounced violence, recognized Israel and agrees […]

Durban II: Final document already adopted

Already yesterday, on the second day of five, was the very controversial and scaled down final document (pdf) from the Durban II Conference adopted by the Conference. I am not going to analyze the content, but only note that the wording referring to the Durban I-failure, that made the U.S. and Israel not to attend […]

The Durban II-mischief, Ahmadinejad, Jonas Gahr Störe and Carl Bildt

See and hear the entire speech of Ahmadinejad here. See and hear also the Norwegian Foreign Minister here.

Störe, which did not leave when Ahmadinejad called Israel a racist government in occupied Palestine, instead tried to save the situation by calling Ahmadinejad ”odd man out”, a parable perhaps not so well-founded. The interesting thing was […]

Tony Blair expounds on Hamas – and Hamas on Israel

In the latest issue of Time (April 20, 2009) you can read an interview with Tony Blair who has a mediation mission in the Middle East. Asked about under what conditions the international community should deal with Hamas, his answer is, that it is difficult to do so as long as Hamas reserves its right […]

Israel left a conference where Hamas participated – Sweden stayed on

The Interparliamentary Union (IPU) this week had a meeting in Ethiopia. Arutz7 reports that the Israeli delegation left the conference, since two Hamas members participated in the ”Palestinian” delegation.

Israel tried to persuade the Swedish chairman of the conference, IPUs Secretary General Anders Johnsson, to ensure that the Hamas-delegates would leave the conference, but he […]


The Authority lost its case in the court trial. An unanimous court ruled that my so-called ”transfer”/demotion should be considered as a notice to quit and that it is invalid.

The complete verdict can be downloaded as a PDF-file from here (swedish language).

Many thanks to all who have supported me! But the issue at […]

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