Yesterday on December 20, 2011 Swedish public service channel SVT1 showed this movie: Tears of Gaza. You can watch the film below:

The film focuses on a children’s perspective highlighting Israel’s defensive war in Gaza, around the turn of 2008-2009, ie. a defensive war that began after Hamas, which is the elected government in Gaza and whose sole purpose is to by means of an aggressive war destroy Israel, sent thousands of rockets into Israel. Israel had already evacuated Gaza in 2005 in order to create conditions for peace. This was, of course, not respected by Hamas, which continued its annihilation war against Israel.

None of this appears in the film. Instead, we see horrific pictures of dead children and adults. A boy says twice that ”it is the Jews’ fault. Many fathers of all children have been killed, sure. But what of the profession of their fathers? What of the party they sympathized with – or perhaps even worked for? The film does not tell. The likelihood is not negligible that it was Hamas – who wants to destroy Israel.

Towards the end of the film it is said that ”They kill our children and stole our land”.

But if ”the Jews” stole ”our country” – why then has Israel left Gaza? If there was a theft, then the stolen goods has been returned. Israel captured Gaza, not through theft but in a defensive war. But when Israel leaves Gaza there still is an ongoing attack and annihilation war against the Jewish state of Israel.

Probably it is felt, therefore, that Israel itself is a ”theft”. The Jews, however, successfully defended their country on several occasions just like 2008-2009. That civilians are dying in this war as in all wars is of course sad, but that has always been the case in all wars.

Gaza’s children should grow up to realize that the Arab war of aggression against Israel is lost and has been lost for more than sixty years. If they realize that they will, instead of trying to wipe out Israel, cooperate with the Jewish state and thus build peace and prosperity.

If not, they will continue to die, sadly. But that is their choice and debt, not Israel’s – or the Jews.

Lars Adaktusson has commented in Metro: (Swedish)

The film is a mixture of sequences from the 2008-2009 war between Israel and Hamas – dead, maimed and orphaned Palestinian children are exploited in a way that perhaps never happened before. The result is a brutal study of human suffering, a propaganda number without the slightest attempt to see the big picture in which Hamas is the director and in which the terror stamped group’s own responsibility for suicide bombings and attacks on civilians is passed over in silence.

To produce films for the sole purpose of spreading hatred brings great responsibility, as well as to show such films. Would SVT have sent such a film if the subject had not been the despair of the children in Gaza – but those in southern Israel?

The French philosopher Bernard Henri-Lévy said that this film ”is not a documentary but a work of propaganda. It is a film that, by satanizing Israel, is promoting not peace, but war.”

I also note that a consultant in preparing this film is Erik Fosse, who is one of the two Norwegian doctors who thought it was important to support the attackers in Israel’s defensive war in Gaza.

So why then is Swedish television’s public service channel SVT showing an anti-Israeli propaganda film which, according to initiated analysts ”promotes war” and whose purpose is to ”spread hate”?

That SVT does just that suggests that SVT itself has this purpose. But for a television channel which, under its own propaganda states, that it is ”free from political … forces”, to thus promote the aggressive war and ultimately Israel’s destruction, can hardly be tolerated by anyone, including the owner of the channel, who is the Swedish government and ultimately all us Swedish taxpayers (and TV-license payers).

The wish to destroy Israel is definitely not freed from political (burst)forces …