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The Authority lost its case in the court trial. An unanimous court ruled that my so-called ”transfer”/demotion should be considered as a notice to quit and that it is invalid.

The complete verdict can be downloaded as a PDF-file from here (swedish language).

Many thanks to all who have supported me! But the issue at stake here was not really my situation, it was democracy and freedom and the right for Israel to exist. Obviously one always has to fight for this cause. And the struggle goes on!

The Authority has the right to appeal. They might unfortunately still be so unwise as to do that …

10 comments to Victory!

  • Bob

    Dear Mr. Eriksson,

    Congratulations on winning the case! There are many people around the world, both Jews and non-Jews, who support your right to free speech. Be well and keep up telling the truth.

    Best regards,
    Bob, new York

  • Dear Mr. Lennart Erikson:

    I am happy to hear about your victory in courrt.
    The world sees now that there are honest and brave people in Sweden.

    My best wishes to you and your Family,
    Victor, Toronto, Canada

  • Tom

    Dear Mr. Eriksson,

    Congratulations for your victory!


  • Robert Haymond

    Hello Mr. Eriksson:

    Please accept my congratulations for your victory in the Swedish courts. I just read about it in Haaretz. It’s important that European citizens are allowed to express views contradicting the apparent prevailing Zeitgeist, one that favours Arab Moslem perspectives. As far as I’m concerned, next to our deteriorating environment, the next most crucial global concern is the spread of Moslem terrorism and its crusader attempt to take over western Europe.

    Sincerely, Robert Haymond, Israel and Canada

  • Dear Lennart Eriksson,

    My warm and sincere congratulations!
    Keep up the good work.

    Jan Lindberg

  • Dear Lennart,

    my sincerest congratulations! I’m so glad to hear that this case is over now and that you won it. Keep up your excellent work!

    Side by side with you,


  • I pray that the Lord will reward you with a better job. God Bless You.

  • Hej Lennart,

    I have just been reading about your case and I find this incredible! I thought Sweden was a liberal democracy. I am not exactly pro Israel right now as you can tell from my blog but I wonder what the world is really coming to when you cannot even publish a blog without wondering if you will get fired.

    Maybe all bloggers should be anonymous as I am sure none of us want to lose our jobs.

    I wish you all the very best with this, I think the fact you want to be reinstated and not take their dirty money is inspirational to democrats everywhere.

    Lycka till!


  • […] can read more about this on his blog Sapere Aude, if you are a democrat and believe in freedom of speech the please surf on over and drop him a […]

  • Ontologen

    Varme gratulasjoner fra Norge! Problemet er ikke hva du mener, men at du kan få problemer hvis du har ”feil” mening! Har venner i Sverige som beskriver takhøyden i debatten som på kjellernivå. De politisk korrekte styrer. I Norge er de ikke i majoritet, men er desverre støttet av media, så de synes og høres svært godt. Lykke til videre.


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