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Yassin a ”palestinian freedom fighter”

Thus spoke the representative of my Swedish government employer last Friday in addressing Mölndal County Court.

The freedom that Yassin pursued and that Hamas still pursues, is primarily a Palestine freed from jews. This can be seen in my previous latest bloggings [in swedish] and in the Charter of Hamas. My Swedish governmental employer’s statement thus might be regarded as close to be antisemitic.

This seems, nevertheless, to be the official position of my Swedish governmental employer, since this statement was expressed in front of a court in session and by an individual who is employed by my Swedish governmental employer and also by power of attorney from the same Swedish governmental employer, to present the case in front of the court.

Now then: If my Swedish governmental employer is allowed to present in public, an official view concerning Hamas and its leadership which is radically divergent from that of the Swedish Government; why then is it, that I am not allowed to present a private wiew on the right of Israel to exist, which is identical to the position taken by the Swedish Goverment?

Next question: Is my governmental employer really allowed to put forth a foreign policy of its own? For my part, I don’t think so. But what does the Swedish Government think?

The verdict in the trial will be announced on Monday, November 10, 2008.

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