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september 2020

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Mahmoud Abbas: I don’t accept it!

Thus spoke Fatah leader and former ’Palestinian’ President Mahmoud Abbas, according to Haaretz, in response to a demand from Israel on the Palestinian Authority (PA) to recognize Israel as a jewish state. Read also JPost and Arutz7.

And Fatah on its part does not recognize Israel at all, let alone as a jewish state.

The problem with Abbas, who simultaneously hold two, three positions at the same time, is knowing when he advocates as Dr. Jekyll or as Mr. Hyde. But in Abbas’ case neither of the two incarnations is much better than the other.

But he lives well on the Western powers being so eager to have someone to talk to. That is why he, the PA and the PLO, are making concessions, but only as little as possible, only to seemingly keep the discussion alive, or rather prevent it from dying, only to, when the right moment comes, declare: ”I do not accept it!”

And what is it that he basically does not accept? Israel of course.

– One may also note that Abbas demands to get all land on the West Bank up until the 1967 ”borders”. If so, then the past conversation on ”land swap”, ie. to exchange the land that Israelis have bought in the West Bank for land that now belongs to Arabs in Israel, was also only a way to keep the discussion barely alive. But now, Abbas has apparently also removed this item from the agenda.


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